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Rudy Can't Fail

Rudy Giuliani's "My Cousin Vinny" performance from today's de-press conference.

Rudy Giuliani is the gift (of comedy) that just keeps on giving. The infamous Four Seasons Complete Landscaping presser from two weeks ago was comedy gold for many reasons. Its seedy location (next to an adult book store) and the confusion over its name made the whole thing look like a VEEP out take.

But today`s presser, which took place at the more suitable RNC headquarters, gave us a visual that perfectly sums up this surreal circus we all find ourselves trapped in. Yes, I'm taking about the photos of Rudy's sweaty face streaked by his jet black hair dye from today's de-press conference.

When the staunchly conservative Drudge Report turns on you with a headline like "Ghouliani', it's time you should be rethinking your legal strategy.

Rudy Giuliani, the personal lawyer for THE President of the United Staes held court for over 90 minutes in what can best be summed up as "One Angry Man". The seminal comedy moment came when Giuliani referenced a scene from 1992's comedy classic "My Cousin Vinny" to make his case to invalidate hundreds of thousands of votes...a reference by the way that he got wrong.

Giuliani quoted the film while making the argument that representatives of the Trump campaign were not allowed to get close enough to observe ballot counting in Pennsylvania.

He starts off by asking the attending press "Did you all watch "My Cousin Vinny" as if this 1992 movie was just on TV night before.

Then he states it's "my favorite law movies cause he comes from Brooklyn." Hmmm...I wonder if Henry Fonda's character from "Twelve Angry Men" (a true classic law movie) was from Brooklyn if Rudy would still go with Vinny. I think it's safe to say the answer would be yes.

In one of the pivotal scenes from the movie, Vinny easily discredits a key prosecution witness. Comparing the witnesses inability to clearly see the crime from a distance of 100 feet to the poll checkers inability to properly check the ballot counters, Rudy acts out the scene for our benefit.

In the worse, stereotypical Brookly accent that I've heard since the other Vinnie from Brooklyn, Vinnie Barbarino, Rudy intones Vincent Gambini's line; "How many fingers do I got up?"

Rudy then gets the next line wrong by saying the witness answered "three" when she actually said four. Come on Rudy, if you are going to hinge your case on whether the Joe Biden' Presidential victory should be overturned from a movie, at least get the dialogue straight. Oh and by the way, the witness in the movie was a sweet women in her 80s whose glasses were so thick that Vinny (great lawyer that he is) asked her "How many different levels of thickness have you gone through?" That, Rudy, is how you build your case!

Vincent Gambini/Rudy Giuliani Face Swap From "My Cousin Vinnie"

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