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The "Constant Comedy Podcast" Season One Has Record Numbers!

Thank you EVERYONE for making Season One of "The Constant Comedy Podcast" one of iTunes most popular comedy podcasts of the year. So far, over twenty thousand people have listened to our deep dive into the world of comedy.

Laurie Zaks, Scott Carter, Judy Gold, Gail Masters, Jonathan Katz, Kevin Murphy, Michael Weithorn, Betsy Borns, Robin Bakay, Nancy Geller, Wayne Federman, Mitch Semel

Art Bell and I started out the podcast to celebrate his new memoir "Constant Comedy: How I Started Comedy Central and Lost My Sense of Humor." Our hope was that the podcast would grow beyond our shared history at the network into a broader view of comedy. Thanks to our wide range of guests over fifteen episodes I am happy to say we achieved that and more. We are already planning Season Two in the fall with some more special guests and themed shows.

Special thanks to all of our amazing guests from season one who were essential to making our podcast as good as it was!

Listen to Season One Here

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