While the Beatles only recorded together for 7 years (1963-1970), they were quite prolific. They officially released 219 songs (not counting compilations and the Anthology reunion). In that short amount of time, their influence was felt around the world in music, pop culture and fashion. For awhile there it seemed like the Beatles were leading the way with everyone following in their musical footsteps. There is no underestimating their influence on popular music. That's where the Beatlesque Music Show comes in. We will be celebrating the Beatles significant influence on popular music over the years. The show will cover the entire spectrum with many songs being podcasts for the very first time.

“Who is Don Val?” is a question I have been asking myself (and anyone who will listen) for the past 30 years. As you will soon find out , Don Val may not even exist and could possibly someone by the name of Eddie Murray. Which begs the question, “Who Is Eddie Murray”. It's a confusing story because there are so little known facts. However there is one significant clue and that is a cassette tape that I have held on to over the years and cherished as much as any other material possession I have owned. After you listen to this show, you will agree that Don Val (Eddie Murray?) is the Ed Wood of music and the Neil Armstrong of podcasting.

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