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Riffing With Kevin Murphy From RiffTrax And MST 3K

Episode #6 of The Constant Comedy Podcast is now live with our special guest, fellow Comedy Channel alumni Kevin Murphy. We talk about the origins of MST 3k, RiffTrax and his terrific book "A Year at the Movies: One Man's Filmgoing Odyssey."

Kevin Murphy was a writer and performer on the legendary comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000 which was the Comedy Channel's break out hit when we launched the network in 1989.

In addition to writing for the show he was the voice of Tom Servo for most of the show's ten seasons on both Comedy Central and the Sci Fi Channel as well as the aptly titled feature film Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie.

After a run one hundred and ninety-seven episodes, Murphy took a sabbatical from watching and commenting on bad movies and in 2001 spent the year by going to a different movie every day and wrote a book about this experience, entitled A Year at the Movies: One Man's Filmgoing Odyssey.

In 2006, he joined fellow MST 3k alumni Mike Nelson and Bill Corbett on Riff Traxwhose stated goal is "WE MAKE MOVIES FUNNY".

Kevin, Mike and Bill have riffed on 431 feature films, 387 film shorts and 16 TV shows. Riff Trax has such a huge fan base that have been able to raise over three million dollars on Kickstarter which allowed them to license and riff on a higher caliber of bad films,

They also perform as Riff Trax Live where they host in-theater special events. These events are filmed in front of a live audience and simulcast to over 700 cinema screens all over the country with their partner Fathom Events.

You can watch RiffTrax 24/7 on the Pluto streaming service where they have their own channel!

You can listen to the interview al all podcast outlets including here!

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