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"Quien Retiene A Quien" Opening Night Photos

NEW YORK, Feb 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- It's ironic that a show about how we all deal with the death of a loved one should have so many lives. "Hereafter Musical", written by Vinnie Favale and Frankie Keane, has had a nice long run since it premiered off Broadway in 2012 at Theater 80 in the East Village. It moved uptown to the heart of Broadway at the Snapple Theater in 2014 and made its international debut in 2017 (and a second run in 2018) in Buenos Aires. The all Spanish production, titled "Quien Retiene A Quien" proved to be so successful, that it's now returning for the third time, premiering on February 17th with an open-ended run at Teatro Picadaro.

"Hereafter Musical" is a musical comedy-drama that explores what happens when a loved one dies from the perspective of both the living AND the dead.

"Frankie and I always felt that the subject matter was universal but even we were overwhelmed by the beauty of the Buenos Aires production and the audience's reaction" says Favale.

"Music & loss are two things that unite us all. The universal language of love and how we support each other through loss is global and powerful and Buenos Aires has embraced that, and our show, with open arms " says Keane.

Producer and co-star of the new production, Meri Hernandez adds; "Death is a part of life and the questions it generates are endless. This show has a lot of humor and addresses death in a very human and natural way."

Favale Media specializes in Live Events, Films, Musical Theater, Scripted & Unscripted TV Programs. Vinnie Favale is a veteran of CBS, David Letterman, The Howard Stern Show and a founder of Comedy Central. The film version of Hereafter Musical, co-directed by Favale and starring the late Danny Aiello in his final film role, will be released in 2020.

Frankie Keane is a playwright, singer/songwriter; composer, lyricist and accomplished stage and film actress. Frankie made her debut Off-Broadway in director David Tobin's acclaimed review, "Pure Gospel America" and toured with the musical "If This Hat Could Talk" directed by Tony Award winner George Faison. She starred off-Broadway in "Hereafter Musical" and co-stars (with Danny Aiello and Arlene Dahl) in the movie version (which she also co-wrote.).



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