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Donald Trump Farewell Video Features Four Years Of Lowlights In Four Minutes

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Four years in four minutes

REM predicted the end of the world as we know it would start with an earthquake but for many it started with a descending escalator carrying Donald and Melania in Trump Tower on June 16th, 2015…and it’s been all downhill since then.

Now with Trump’s presidency officially ended, I thought the time was right to capture the last four years of lowlights in a commemorative video featuring Radiohead’s “Creep”.

Regardless of political affiliation, every presidency in modern history has been fodder for comedy. Comedians had a field day in 1952 with Vice President Nixon’s “checkers” speech. In 1963, Vaughn Meader had the number one album (“The First Family”) spoofing JFK. Nixon’s Watergate and Clinton’s Monicagate were a goldmine for Johnny Carson’s monologue writers and Reagan, Bush 41, Bush 43 and Obama made their own fair share of gaffes to keep the late-night talk show writers busy.

But Trump’s presidency presented a whole different challenge for the comedy industry. Unfortunately old the expression ‘it’s all fun and games till somebody gets hurt...then it’s hilarious” never applied to Trump. Claims that he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and get away with it and exaggerating the size of his inauguration crowds were relatively harmless…contesting the election results and instigating the riot at the Capitol not so much.”

Prior to the attack on the Capitol, Favale I was going to take a lighthearted approach. There were so many moments to choose from, I thought I might just highlight the silly stuff and use the Village People as the soundtrack.

But then Trump’s comments at his “Save America March” rally and the ensuing attack on the Capitol by his loyalists forced me to change the tone of the video. The thing about the Trump is that for every silly video clip there are like ten horrific ones and the footage from the January 6th riot was just too difficult to ignore. Using the aptly titled “Creep” from Radiohead, the video came together pretty quickly.

It’s sad that it all had to end this way and I think we all are looking forward to the inevitable Biden grandpa memes.

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