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"Before The 90 Days" LIVE AFTER SHOW with Erica Shmerica & Vinnie Favale

Attention all of you “90 Day Fiancé” lovers (and you know who you are!) My good friend Erica Shmerica has a very popular "90 Day Fiance" FB page and tonight she will be hosting (with me as co-host and producing] a LIVE after-show tonight at 10p.

We'd love for all of you to be part of it! You can watch us via Zoom at the link below. You’ll be able to ask questions live on camera if you like or via the chat feature. We will also be posting links to the YouTube Live and Facebook Watch feeds…keep an eye out for that info in a follow up post.

If you want to submit questions in advance or suggest topics, please post them in the comments section of this posting.

See you tonight!!!

"Before The 90 Days" Live After Show with Erica Shmerica & Vinnie Favale… Meeting ID: 835 6822 9544
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