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"Constant Comedy" Live Radio Interview

It takes a lot to get me up early in the morning these days especially with the change in sleep and working habits. But when I was told that I needed to be available for an 845am live radio interview with the popular BULLDOG & THE RUDE AWAKENING SHOW on Ocean 98.1 [Ocean City, Maryland] I couldn't get out of bed quick enough.

I have a special place in my heart for first two jobs were at WNBC-AM and WYNY-FM in New York. Then I had the honor of working with Howard Stern on his WXRK radio show.

David "Bulldog" Rothner and his team were so great to talk to. There was no pre-interview and these folks are fast on their feet. Morning radio is a marathon of comedy and they do it exceptionally well. I was having such a good time that I forgot I was on the radio and said one of those seven words you can't say! But they were able to clip it and managed to stay on the good side of the FCC.

My "Constant Comedy" co-host Art Bell was supposed to be part of it but had a last minute conflict. The good news is that the interview went so well that they want us back next week and Art will do all the heavy lifting!

You can hear it here.

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