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An Incredible Billy Idol Optical Illusion

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Mayor Bill De Blasio with Billy Idol at the "War On Idling" press conference.

Puns are often derided as the lowest form of humor, but sometimes they are just so hard to resist. A big factor in judging a pun is to consider the source. If it's coming from mom or dad there's a good chance a rim shot will follow (the ultimate insult anyone could get after thinking they just said something punny..uh I mean here for rim shot).

I think great example of a pun we could all live without happened yesterday in New York when someone from the Mayor Di Balsio's office had the bright idea to have Billy Idol become the face for the city's new-campaign to cut down on trucks and buses idling. That's right, Mr. Rebel Yell is now the spokesperson for the "War On Idling". One of the key components of this new war is to encourage New Yorkers to turn in their fellow New Yorker whenever they seeing thwm idling...and the best part is they will get a commission. If you don't believe me, here's the statement from the press release;

"The program requires participants to capture several minutes of cellphone footage of the idling commercial vehicle in question and send it to the Department of Environmental Protection. If the information leads to a fine, the complainant is eligible to receive 25 percent of it."

But there is a silver lining from this press conference which is the real reason for this post! Did you spot it yet? Here's a close up below of what looks like Billy Idol sticking his finger through the eye socket of the person standing behind him. They should call him Billy here for rim shot)

Watch it Billy, you'll take someone's eye out!

Ok, I gotta go, I'm idling and my neighbor is shooting video to send to the police.

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